Artwork Specifications

So you are uploading your own file/design. Awesome!

Next question is: what specs should your file have?
The following specifications are valid for all those printed signs on this website where you can upload your own design/file.

File Format

Vector files (ai, svg, eps) are always preferred, but you can also submit normal images (jpeg, png formats) or PDFs. If you submit a normal image, please make sure that the resolution is high enough to give a high-quality print.  Generally speaking, the resolution should be no less than 100dpi for a 100% scale image and 200dpi for a 50% scale image.

Please note: if the image you submit is low resolution, the print might not look professional - please contact us if you have doubts regarding the resolution of your image.

Cut Lines

If submitting just an image without cut lines, the sign will have a standard square/rectangular shape. For custom shaped signs, please add red lines to indicate how the sign should be cut, and so what shape it should have. The cut lines should also indicate any needed mounting holes.
If designing in a vectorial design software, please put those cut lines in a separate layer.

Please see below an acceptable picture where the cut lines are clearly indicated.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, we'll be happy to help!

Artwork Specs


Cedar is a rather unexpensive, yet very durable wood species. Being a light, low-density wood, it might not have a great resistance to impact, but it is very durable when exposed to harsh weather conditions and it is very stable when exposed to wet environments.

Additionally, Cedar has a unique rustic look!


Mahogany is a very stable , moisture resistant wood species with great carvability. Its density is lower than white oak, but higher than cedar.

Being also naturally resistant to rot, Mahogany is a great choice for long term, outdoor exposure.

White Oak

White Oak has a very distinctive, luxurious look.

It is one of the highest density wood species and it is extremely durable even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.
Just like Mahogany, White Oak is extremely stable and naturally rot and moisture-resistant.

Its light tan color allows for a beautiful contrast when engraved.